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The Oratory Sports Centre is home to one of the 27 real tennis courts in the UK.

Real tennis is the original racquet sport from which the modern game of lawn tennis is descended. The school has hosted several tournaments including prep schools, public schools and the World Championships in 2006.

The game is entertaining to watch and our court has several seating galleries where visitors are most welcome to come and see what is going on. Through the week you’ll see everything from teenagers smashing the ball around in singles matches to senior players with limited mobility enjoying a game of doubles.

If you enjoy lawn tennis, squash, cricket, hockey or other ball sports then why not give it a go? We’d be delighted to give you a free taster session.

The Game

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The court is a similar size to a lawn tennis singles court, the balls looks the same but are heavier and scoring is very similar with games (15, 30, 40) & sets (first to six). The walls of the court mean that it is hard to hit the ball “out”, so rallies are longer and more about winning points than trying to not lose them!

Rules of the game      Game Background

Tennis & Rackets Association

International Real Tennis Professionals Association

Handicapping system

Nearly all real tennis players join the global RTO database which manages the handicapping system.

Like golf, the handicap system enables players of different abilities and ages to have a close and challenging game. A slightly better player might start on minus 15 instead of love, for instance. The winner’s handicap goes up a little and the loser’s down by the same amount. It works amazingly well.

One of the great benefits of the handicap system and database is that you can have a great game in all of the other courts in the UK and the rest of the world. It is an extremely friendly network! All of the courts are well worth a visit and are in interesting places such as Lord’s, Queen’s Club, Hampton Court, Fontainebleau, Brisbane and Tuxedo.

Wellington College real tennis court
Holyport Real Tennis Club


The Thames valley has a wealth of courts including:

The University of Oxford
Radley College
Wellington College
Hardwick House